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The Answer To Confusion & Frustration


This past week was an interesting week for learning about two different situations full of confusion and frustration. The persons involved were good people.

What they confronted overwhelmed them without them even knowing it. Waiting, unwillingly, for the next day to see what would happen next. You could tell that they believed they had no control. As if they were surfing a wave that just collapsed on top of them.

In both situations, the persons had never experienced the events that were in front of them. Nothing in front of them was beyond their grasp. They simply did not know how to put things together to overcome them.

The answer to confusion & frustration is to first understand that we may not have been exposed to the knowledge or life’s experiences needed to develop the skills that would help us move past the situations we find ourselves in. My friends needed to learn different ways to both view and react to what they were facing but did not know it.

Someone has always lived through what we now face. Whose world is bigger, more challenging, and who has survived in spite of what they too had to face.

The two people, both who I know, didn’t have the experience, knowledge or skills to resolve and move on from there current situations. They needed help, without even realizing it.

Embarrassed by their circumstance, it’s hard for anyone to reach out for help. But necessary. Remembering this, the next time you are confused and strangled by your own frustration and emotions, would be the best thing you could do immediately.

Finding someone whose life’s experiences are much greater than our own to talk to would be even better. (This means you will learn more if you reach out to someone other than your closest friends who you can trust.)

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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