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The Benefits of Being a Builder


No task is too large for they know when building, that much more is needed before they will be done.

Nothing ever fits quite right at first. Needing sanding, shaping or cutting in some way before things will connect properly.

A builder is nothing without their tools. Understanding that experience in using them is where they gain an advantage. Not in time but in outcome.

While plans are helpful, they cannot help with the imperfections of the earth, wood, or brick that they encounter along the way. Only a builder can take on these challenges with a smile.

Navigating the tension between what is and what can be brings joy to a builder. Using tension to fuel their creativity rather than allowing it to simply create stress, fear or inaction.

Never using words, but only their hands in harmony with their mind, working towards something that others can’t yet see.

Giving them the speed of a tortoise in a world where the hare is built to win. As they understand that building anything of value or substance takes time. Where distractions and imperfections are small things — not large — never stopping them along the way.

The life of a builder is never easy until their work is complete. Bringing the wonder of their work for others to enjoy.

Reminding us, that a builder’s work is worthy for what they do, we cannot. Unless we choose to follow their example with our own life, when needed.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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