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The Change of Seasons


Fall brings cooler weather, more colors, and different routines to many of our lives. School starts, different youth activities begin, and the chance for many of us, in colder climates, to enjoy the outdoors begins to diminish.

Beautiful summer plants begin to show their age. No different than we as humans. I have been fortunate to know well, many individuals who are older than I am. They have taught me a great deal and we have enjoyed many deep discussions.

But slowly time passes and they find themselves at a stage in life where physical ailments begin to decrease their mobility or weakening immune systems or tired organs begin to mute their energy. Visits to the doctor increase while the ability to pursue their dreams begins to fade.

When we are young, we barely notice the gradual decline of older people. Once vibrant as younger people are today. We are so wrapped up in our lives, our phones, our distractions, and our routines that we take for granted that we will always have this same energy to embrace the exciting confusion in our lives.

The change of seasons, especially from summer to fall to winter, should remind each of us how short life can be. That we should not take today for granted because someday we will no longer have the physical ability nor the energy to embrace it and squeeze it for all that today can give.

No matter what our age.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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