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The Coffin of Anger


Anger is an intense emotion. We enlarge its influence over us by how long it consumes us and how frequently we come in contact with the source of our anger.

Coffins on the other hand are different. While they evoke strong emotions as well, their presence in our lives ends quickly right after the funeral. There is only darkness when inside. No laughter or sounds. No ability to see others. The six sides of a coffin surround you when laying in one.

When anger is present, coffins appear. Trapping the person who is angry in a coffin. The strong emotions that anger unleashes shuts down all of our senses. Much like death. There is no seeing or listening to other perspectives. There is no desire to find a different path towards a solution. Anger magnifies our personal disappointment while closing us off from the outside world.

Paradoxically, the person focuses their anger on someone else without understanding that their anger is all about them. It’s about their powerlessness to better impact a situation consistent with their thinking. There is a betrayal of their perceived status that others blatantly ignored that amplifies anger.

The result of anger is disconnection and darkness. As if one were trapped in a coffin. The longer it lingers, the longer the separation from others.

Anger destroys possibility and progress. Controlling our emotions and letting things go are key to gaining the strength to move past our disappointment to begin a new day with renewed hope.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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