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The Concept of Creating A Different Future Regardless of Your Age


Who we are and who we become seem predestined. Never giving much thought to where we end up for life seems to “just happen”. Years go by. Struggles appear and then pass. Our jobs continue. Falling mindlessly into our routines as if they were meant as the only way for us to live.

But what if things don’t seem to fit as well anymore? Either through sudden change or death by boredom or disappointment? The spark of impatience in you soul to do more or something different? Then what?

How do we get from only being able to cook scrambled eggs to cooking an incredible dinner? Or from always killing the plants we buy to a colorful, thriving garden? What skills do we need to acquire to get a higher paying job? Where do we go if we feel we need help in expanding our thinking so that our outcomes change for the better? Especially when we feel we are our own worst enemy?

All of us have the capacity to change. To improve. Yet few of us have the belief that we can.

All of us live our lives every day as it appears. Few of us have the strength to explore what’s different & possible. Always requiring much more effort, sacrifice and discipline to move towards something new.

Living our life as it is, always is the easy way out. It is the number one excuse we use to convince ourselves that nothing new is possible. We say to ourselves “it’s just the way it is”. Or “I just don’t have the time.” Or we convince ourselves “I can never do it” or “I am too scared to change”.

Creating a different future as an adult is hard work. Difficult but possible. Far different from our school days. Less obvious as to how it can be done. It’s a slow process much different than school. Requiring small steps that, over time, bring out new skills & mastery as well as opportunity. Full of trials and errors. For it’s never a linear path.

Yet possible for all of us. At any age. With any interest. The connection between wanting to do something or be something different and doing it is a very hard concept for us to grasp and execute. We are not talking about your dreams. For dreams never seem to be achievable. Left only to persons like Cinderella to experience.

Small or large changes you are contemplating need an extraordinary amount of desire and conviction to see them through. It’s the doing part that brings dreams into reality. To have the humility to know that there is much to learn. By moving from thought to action. Small steps that no one else sees. One day at a time. Learning, practicing, and improving as each month goes by. Until the future you committed to appears.

There is excitement when you can do something you set out to do but could not do before. More energy found within you to navigate life with a patient smile and understanding. Surprises along the way that give you the hope of learning and doing more. Without perfection but with the presence of mind to absorb all that you can along your new journey.

For as with life itself, your new found created future will appear before you know it. As long as you commit to putting in the work to find it.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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