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The Danger of Instant


During my current journey of learning more about nutrition and food, I have come to understand how instant foods lack many of the “good” macro-nutrients that we need on a daily basis. This is true of fast food & instant oatmeal as examples.

Co-mingling this awareness with how long it feels it takes me to do quality work that is meaningful, revealed that the danger of instant pervades all facets of our lives.

The quick answer, the gadget we buy that will magically help us lose weight, the artificial sweetener we buy as the quick solution to eliminating sugar in our lives, the stating of our idea and then getting frustrated over discussions and challenges to our thoughts….and so on.

NOTHING meaningful or of value happens in an instant. (Death and accidents many times do.) Our learning takes time. This is also true for others. No solution or idea is perfect. Everything of value needs our time, effort and refinement as our work & relationships take life.

Always looking for shortcuts will always lead to dead-ends. Yes, our modern language talks of “hacking” to get something done. But it is only a piece of a much larger effort for meaningful work to occur.

I’ve told my children many times that “if you believe life will be easy, it will be difficult and if you believe life will be hard, then it will be easy”.

Don’t be fooled by instant. It is always too good to be true.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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