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The Difficulty of Silence


Too many times I have seen the difficulty of silence. When an employee abruptly leaves and shares no reason as to why. With friends who seem distant leaving others to guess why. Where situations become challenging while leadership seemingly hides.

Yet silence is so highly valued in meditation, reflection and prayer. At the end of our day once our computer and phone are turned off. Or during a weekend doing something enjoyable. The noise of the world disappears if only for a brief time. Silence only has value when we are alone and look inward.

The opposite of silence is interaction. Especially where relationships thrive. Friendship, teamwork, marriage, families, and any human organization are all examples of relationships. Interaction and communication directly oppose silence. While sometimes messy, they water every relationship with a chance for alignment. Even when disagreements appear. They simply signal the need for adjustments.

Silence destroys relationships. By leaving our minds to create absurd stories that may not even be true. Improvement and growth with those around you can never occur alone. Silence hides possibility. Our minds confuse what is thought to be happening with a false sense of understanding. Leading us astray and powerless alone.

There can be no love, empathy or compassion where silence lives. No honesty can be found in the midst of silence. The joy of presence is held prisoner by silence.

Listening breaks down silence. Patience and the ability to control our emotions weakens silence. Our ability to admit wrongdoing or generously offer forgiveness breaks through silence. Simply caring for another person guards against silence building walls.

Be respectful of others but never be silent. Engage and interact for the good of everyone around you as well as for the relationships that are important to you. Leading you away from the darkness of silence to a place where growth lives and life celebrates. Making the growth of all your relationships, both deeper and broader, for everyone to enjoy no matter the difficulties and struggles we may face.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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