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The Distortion of Time


Holidays are busy. Preparing for them. Being part of the celebration. Remembering everyone.

It’s the best example I can give as to how time feels different even though the second hand on our watch never changes its rhythm. Every day of our lives has the same number of hours in it.

Our sense of time always gets distorted by how active we are in the moment. Time feels different when we are on vacation than when we are working and taking care of our family.

Separating what’s essential, to realize the future you dream of from busy work that won’t accomplish much, is the key to “throttling” time.  It’s the only way you can consciously make it slow down.

It means saying no to some things that you once felt compelled to do. Or saying no to someone who you may disappoint.

The toughest person to convince of this is yourself.

The toughest thing to do, is have the courage to actually say no when needed.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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