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The Dual Nature of Honesty


We hear never tell a lie as a child. It’s better not to say anything is often recommended. Did you tell them what you’re thinking, a friend might ask. Or my best friend helped me a lot by telling me what I could not see.

Within the definition of honesty, lie the words truthfulness and sincerity. Noble characteristics that all of us aspire to. Yet in practice, very hard for us to execute. For our words can be swords that hurt others. Piercing their heart while raising their emotions against us.

Transparency and authenticity are modern values that the popular press amplifies. Shared as if honesty has no dual nature. That our thoughts and words should be unfiltered without regard as to how they will be received. The risk is high as to how they will be received. Our words may destroy human connection by creating hurt feelings. Or new realizations may appear once passing the initial hurt.

Intent matters a great deal as to how honesty manifests itself. Sharing our words with compassion? Or meant simply for our ego to applaud? When seeking honesty, do we first share with others our hurt, weaknesses or vulnerability? Can we suspend judgement of another person to allow them to share their words without our preconceived beliefs as to why they say what is said?

Honesty leads to greater integrity when our words are both offered with care and shared without judgment. Where a greater good, the basis for a stronger connection, nudges us to build understanding. Nurturing trust, one word at a time, making all of us feel safe in who we are and who we are not. Understanding that honesty may backfire on us because of its dual nature.

For together we are stronger than apart. Understanding that both of us have a multitude of ways that we can be better. Towards each other. And in our lives. Accepting our mistakes while never making them a burden. For possibility is what fuels our tomorrow. With honesty making its foundation more solid for all of us to enjoy deeper and more meaningful relationships along the way.

Using honesty thoughtfully and for the right reasons during each of our days.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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