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The Fading Concept of Moral Support


Over many years things change. You don’t see sincerely used at the end of an email or letter very much. Perfect is used a lot as a response to hearing about things that feel just right. Words like “level up” and “that’s rad or dope” are used today and seem so foreign to someone who is older.

Another phrase that I don’t hear very often anymore is that of moral support. The act of being present in someone’s life to give them encouragement and psychological support even though there is nothing you can do physically to help them nor have any impact on the outcome of what their facing.

I guess we have no time for that. Our calendars and to do lists keep us so busy. The emphasis we place on our lives and selfies blind us to the warmth and comfort that someone can give us through their moral support during our times of need.

Listening while being silent and present are key characteristics of true moral support. Of being at the side of someone during a great turmoil or stressful time in their life.

Our tight schedules don’t allow for the messiness in others’ lives. Maybe in part because our lives are messy too and it seems like no one cares about what we are going through so why should we care about others?

Compassion can be visibly seen when giving moral support. Of not criticizing the other person for what they find themselves in. Nor spouting off what they should do when no answers seem evident.

It is a way of building trust and cementing our love for others in a most gentle way. They may not see your moral support in the moment but over time it will be paid back one hundred times through their more engaged friendship.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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