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The Gift of Connection


One brief and one more lengthy conversation affirmed, for me, the gift of connection. Both occurred this past week. With two older individuals whose heart’s sadness initially radiated from their eyes.

Life’s circumstances brought them to this point in their lives. Ones that most have not yet faced. Courageous in their strength, their first hello was both weak and hollow.

“You look sad” I greeted a person I knew. It was just too obvious for me not to comment. Within a ten minute conversation something magical occurred. They began to gain strength, the sadness disappeared from their eyes (although still in their heart) and they began to display some enthusiasm for their day and next steps.

A dinner converation with another friend lasted long past dessert. The weakness in their voice lasted well into our soup and salad. And then, something magically occurred as well. A smile and laughter surprised us while conversing. A heavy cloud dissipated around us, giving us an opportunity to visit normal life for a brief time.

When saying goodbye, new topics kept popping up. For this friend, the energy of connection was so strong, they did not want to let go.

We take for granted the opportunities to connect face to face. It’s hard to see its value because we are much too busy. Grateful for the opportunity to see what the gift of connection can mean, I was reminded of an old Greek saying that goes something like this:

“Where you are I have been, and where I am you will be.”

Understanding this, I am more mindful to slow down to engage with others and hopeful to be given the gift of connection, both often & for many years to come, regardless of the side I am on in my life’s continuing journey.

For it truly is magical as well as much needed.

PS. It’s a great gift that works for people of all ages!

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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