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The Greatest Weakness In Our Points of View


Nothing highlights the greatest weakness in our points of view than in how a parent handles the assertions made by their child. About a teacher or classmate. The unfair expecation placed on them or the lack of attention in a classroom. About their struggle with homework because of the homework given. How hard the test was. The list is endless.

Our greatest weakness is that we make the point of view ours. Out of our deep love for our children, parents rarely question and try to center the child’s story. They blindly believe what they were told. They repeat it to other parents and the principal. They base all of their reasoning (as to what should be done) based on it.

We grow up around points of view, from our parents and friends, that become ours over time. They feel right to us. Yet no one ever teaches us that they could be imbalanced, missing critical information, or are just plain wrong. They are our points of view. They can’t be wrong.

When with friends we share much conversation about many things. Points of view are expressed as truths. Problems arise at work or home, and during discovery many points of view are shared. Every one who shares them believes them to be true.

Which leaves us with the great danger in all of this. Not being able to listen to what others are saying and to test and question until we decide how centered our point of view really is before judging and moving forward with our next steps.

It’s a great lesson to teach your children at a young age (as well as ourselves) in how we can be more centered, objective and successful when we see more clearly both sides of every issue before reacting.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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