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The Hidden Work in December


December is the most active month for bringing families together. Decorations, meals, gatherings, celebrations, gifts, letters, cards, and phone calls. The power of wanting to connect is so strong during these festive days.

Underneath these outward expressions of love and friendship, there is a favorite meal, a memorable cookie, and a specific place to celebrate on the same day each year. A special trip where everyone gathers for the holidays. The specific meal that each family leaves for Santa and his reindeer. The special prayers or important Church services that year in and year out, your family never misses.

Magically, without knowing it as children, each one of these memories becomes a part of who we are and how we celebrate these days as adults. Our children’s December begins to look a lot like ours.

It’s hard for us to see lessons right in front of us. Especially when our December holiday experiences are so vivid and memorable. Parents, family, and friends work hard to create these moments of joy. Everything seems so simple and full of magic.

How could they hide the work when we were there? By making the time and never complaining.

By smiling, laughing, and revealing who they are through the work they now gladly share. Spending hours in the kitchen preparing, taking the time after a busy day of work to go shopping or writing by hand 100 cards to family and friends that they wanted to stay close to.

In our busy lives, it’s sometimes hard for us to understand the power of something so simple. The work of tradition is more important than simply experiencing it, for it affirms its value as it is shared with others to enjoy.

We create so much good when we simply make the time and do the work without complaining, Creating December holiday experiences together with others to enjoy for sharing our lives is where we best discover life’s treasures. Happy Holidays!

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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