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The Illusion of Strength: Clouds, Life, and Their Fragility


Gracefully clouds soar through the skies, exuding a majestic aura that captures our attention. Sometimes, their appearance can be intimidating, casting a sense of foreboding. Yet, when illuminated by the sun’s gentle rays, their true beauty unfolds, revealing a captivating blend of form and color.

They appear robust and unyielding, giving the impression of unwavering strength. However, as we embark on a plane journey, we witness a different perspective that confuses our senses. These seemingly substantial entities transform into almost nothing as the aircraft effortlessly flies through them. How can our perception be so misguided when observing them from the ground? Just as the clouds mislead us when gazing upward, we are misled towards inaccurate conclusions in many instances in our daily lives.

From a distance, others’ lives exude an air of grandeur and authority. We impute they are solid and have substance. We attempt to convince ourselves that our own lives possess substance and are solid, pointing to our homes, cars, jobs, and busy schedules we follow.

Yet, we often forget the inherent fragility that resides within our existence. No matter who we are. Sustaining a meaningful and substantial life, fortified by the boundless love we choose to share with others, fueled by the active pursuit of our dreams and goals, and filled with the demands of our many responsibilities, requires a relentless dedication over a lifetime to make our lives more solid with substance.

Life’s journey presents an ebb and flow of challenges—setbacks, health concerns, tragic events, parenting dilemmas, financial struggles, the passage of time, relationship hurdles—all unforeseen circumstances that test us at different junctures in our lives. These challenges easily pierce our lives, much like a plane travels through clouds with ease.

When we wake up and cast our gaze upon the morning sky, let the clouds serve as a reminder that our work is far from over. Our presence is indispensable, and our efforts must never wane. It is a lifelong endeavor to maintain the coherence and significance of our lives.

Furthermore, as we board an airplane for a well-deserved vacation—a temporary escape from our daily routine—let us always remember the delicate nature of our own lives, as well as the lives of others, as we glide through these very same clouds.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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