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The Importance Of How Things Fit Together


We focus a lot on acquiring a new app, computer, tool, book, shoe, clothing, golf club or whatever interests us. The same holds true for events in our lives. One presentation, promotion, or opportunity will change everything. There are high hopes that once we acquire them it will make all of the difference in the world. We impute acquiring something new with the power to change our lives.

What’s hidden from us is that nothing by themselves has the power to do this. Not even ourselves. How things fit together is the key. For there are always building blocks needed on the road to anywhere of substance.

A career is never built in a day. The productivity system we develop for our way of thinking and working is much more important than the app you use. First principle thinking explores the multiple layers of cause and effect to reveal the many building blocks behind the creation of something affirms this. Building a business never occurs in one simple step. Nor does a life well lived.

Discovering connections to better understand how things fit together can be very powerful. Not only to better understand how to use something to benefit us but also in finding weak links and areas to improve. With respect to our own life’s trajectory, understanding the pieces that make up our lives and those that are missing.

As with most things, finding how the pieces fit together begins with intention. To learn, understand, and improve. It’s that simple and yes that hard.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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