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The Infinite Melody: How Music Mirrors Endless Possibilities in Life


Infinity is a hard concept to grasp as a child. How could something have no end? Infinity is something very different than the concept of zero (of nothing there). No matter how far you go you can still go further.

Music might be one of the closest things I know to be able to describe and experience the infinite. Go from station to station on your car radio or playlist to playlist on a music streaming site and you will begin to hear what I mean.

Every song is different. No two songs sound the same. Every station or playlist has a different feel to it. Music today sounds different than music from a few years ago. There is constant innovation, change, and energy to each new song written.

Love and heartbreak, two popular themes of music, never get old. Their stories and the feelings they create, morph into something new with each new song. There is no end to this endless stream and combination of sounds. Music is a great vehicle for experiencing the infinite through our lifetime.

Why write about this? So much is written about the endless possibilities and opportunities we have in our lives. We never really find them. There always is a fence keeping us from getting there.

Music allows everyone to experience the infinite, firsthand, daily.  Music is a great reminder of what we, as humans, can achieve when looking deep inside of us. Mixing emotion, technology, and acquired skills to do something different and more than we have done in the past. With ambition, achieving things never done in the past.

Infinite possibility is available to each of us. This is confirmed through the inspiration of music. Let music remind you that you too can create a project, an object, or develop a relationship that will take you further than you ever have been before. If only we have the interest to try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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