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The Joy of Looking Out Of A Window


Modern life is full of activity. Do this & do that. Go here and there. Finish three things at once before sundown. While technology screams at us to use apps to push against all of this. To help us find peace, tranquility, and rest. Or maybe take a walk or do gardening to give us a chance to rest.

Surprisingly, I find it’s always a window that can help accomplish creating this feeling of tranquility. Accessible to all of us, even during our busiest days. Even if our visit is brief.

What is it though about a window, any window, that creates tranquility so effectively in the moment?

Looking out a window forces us to focus. It’s difficult to focus and multi-task at the same time. Forcing us into focus immediately eliminates the distractions around us. It suspends what we are thinking about in order to concentrate on what we see.

Windows never ask anything of us. They don’t offer judgments, criticisms, or instructions. They magically take us into almost a suspended state that feels restful and good. No matter whether the view is a city street or a beautiful beach.

Sometimes when looking out of a window we become intent on viewing the detail throughout our view. But most times, I find myself drawn to look out a window with a blind stare. alone with my thoughts, enjoying the quiet that never appears elsewhere.

In these moments, a window becomes a powerful lens to help us see inside of ourselves. Creating silence to amplify our thoughts. Letting them dance with possibility. Sometimes taking us to daydream. Relieving our stress at the moment most needed. Giving us a chance to learn what we know or don’t know while also revealing what we should either question or doubt.

Small things in life are commonly missed. The silence and power of a window are one of them.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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