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The Many Sides of Trust


Trust is like the air we breathe. Invisible to the eye. Vital for us to live. Without air, there would be no dreams, no accomplishments, no solutions, no family for we would be dead.

Trust mirrors air almost identically. Without trust, there would be no accomplishments, few solutions, no family, no love, and no connection. While not causing physical death, the inability to trust greatly hinders our potential to be human and to more deeply connect with others.

Trust’s physical appearance is the same as the air we breathe. Invisible. Its presence is always felt when it is absent but many times overlooked when present.

We feel hurt when others do not trust us. Yet, more times than not, we do not hurt when we do not trust others.

Our lives need connection with others to feel fulfilled as well as to accomplish. Some people naturally first trust in order to love more fully and accomplish much more. Others hold back their trust until someone new proves themselves. Those that don’t easily trust upfront, miss the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with someone new.

While trust doesn’t occur with the first handshake, it rarely grows with our words. Trust waits to see our actions so that it knows that we are safe in building a relationship with each other. If you are given someone’s trust upfront, it then becomes ours to lose through our actions. Trust is confirmed over time or lost of our own doing.

Trust is the foundation of love that has no boundaries.

Relationships thrive on trust. Relationships die when trust abandons them.

Trust protects us when we stumble and rarely judges who we are. We are not always perfect yet when we have trust in each other, our imperfections seem so trivial. Leaving our deep relationships intact as we continue our life’s journey.

Trust in ourselves, gives us the confidence to push forward. Even if we are unsure of our ability to succeed. Lack of trust in ourselves creates both weakness and fear in our hearts that keep us from moving past where we are.

Not trusting protects us in a different way. Sometimes with reason. Many times we hold back our trust without exploring and giving the other person a chance. Other times our lack of trust is warranted and helps keep us safe.

Trust opens up our hearts to both share & deeply listen to others. Not having trust makes us deaf to the words of advice offered when needed. Sometimes depriving us of the simple comfort we need when faced with a difficult situation.

When trust is broken, the glass shatters. Losing much amidst the pieces of glass we are forced to gather. We alone possess the power to either shatter trust or water and value it as the life force it truly is.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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