Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

The Many Tensions of Challenge

Young male climbing on a cliff on wide alley background

The uncertainty of the outcome.

Deadline for completion.

Where do I find the time?

Figuring out what needs to be done.

Where do I look for help?

Do I have the skills to do this?

I don’t understand what to do.

I will never figure this out.

It’s too big for me to work on.

I don’t think I can do this.

What if I do this wrong?

Eleven things that could provide us tension when challenged. Only two of them are outside of our control — the uncertainty of the outcome & a deadline we must meet.

81% (9 out of 11) possibilities is about us and “I”.

It’s much easier to simply begin so that we don’t get in our own way when challenged to do something meaningful.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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