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The moment we realize…..


Life is exciting when it is filled with hopes and dreams. Never needing a comic book, we project ourselves as the superhero that does amazing things and that people look up to.

One of the most difficult moments in our life (and this will happen more than once) is the moment we realize that what we dreamed or aspired to will not happen. That after trying so hard and putting so much time in, that we will not be able to boast of our success.

The moment we realize that we didn’t see the situation the way we should have we feel defeated. The moment we realize that we don’t have the talent to score 100 points in a basketball game we feel crushed. The moment we realize that we made too many bad choices along the way we feel worthless.

When these things happen, our days are filled with darkness. The bounce in our step is gone and our interest in interacting with others disappears. We want to be alone because we feel alone and isolated.

Yet the moment we realize that we are healthy, still in one piece, and that we can get up to begin a new day everything changes again. This moment to realize is harder than all of the others. It demands that we start again to look around us to see in what new direction we should travel.

Life is never lived in a straight line. Never.

For all us can pivot, change directions and find new dreams and aspirations that better fit who we are and what we can accomplish. There are many joys to be found in simple things. Finding new things to direct our efforts takes time as well as some trial and error.

Being humbled by the moment we realize that we cannot get to one of our dreams is character building only when we find the second and stronger moment where we realize that new dreams begin anew much like the flowers that bloom every spring.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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