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The Nature of Opportunity


Does opportunity knock? Is it simply luck and therefore random? Can we identify opportunity simply by our dreams?

Opportunity is certainly a very optimistic and hopeful word. Something that all of us yearn for in our lives. Especially when things aren’t going well. Or when you feel stuck or trapped without knowing how to break through.

I find that opportunity never appears in a form I had thought of previously. It tends to hide itself behind something. Only when experimenting, trying new things, learning something new does it appear. It sometimes requires putting two or three things together to then see an opportunity.

Opportunity never appears when we simply wait and do nothing. It always requires effort up front before it is willing to be seen.

When it appears, it always challenges us to do something either that’s different or that we have never done before in order to benefit by an opportunity we discover.

The sooner you forget about luck, waiting for that knock, or passing on things that don’t look like your dream the better you will be. Why? Because that is where opportunity hides.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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