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The Paradox of Aging


As you age, you need to consciously protect your youth.

To continue to have energy you need to eat more healthy food and exercise more regularly. To recover as fast after a long night out, you have to stop earlier the night before to wake up with the same freshness. To maintain your creativity and spontanaiety you have to read more deliberately. To keep connected you need to call others to be with them for the instant party invitation no longer happens.

You need to be generous with your time and love sharing it with many. For chance encounters are not as prevalent as we age. You need to keep moving and doing just as you did (as best you can) as when you were in your twenties..

The paradox of aging is you have to embrace your youth as you age. You must protect it like a new born child. You must not let it leave you through your inattention.

For if you do, all you will have left are your memories.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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