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The Power of Belief


It’s interesting to listen to others telling us of their lucky charm, favorite routine, or a special “potion” they take for what ails them. Others as devout believers in God, go to Church regularly and pray deeply for the good health and a peaceful life for their loved ones.

Others, passionately describe an idea, solution, or interest in a thing that will significantly change their lives. While others, after much misfortune, get up once again to try again. Why? Because they believe in themselves that they will overcome the setback they recently experienced.

You see belief is around us everywhere. Belief plays a big role in us being human. Always wrapped around stories we tell ourselves. Imputing a great strength and reassurance that calms all of our fears.

Not data driven nor able to be substantiated with facts, our beliefs help give us a foundation upon which we live. Belief fuels hope, persistence, and grit.

Belief strengthens us when we are weak. It is exactly the strength of our belief that then reflects strength in our times of need.

Others may view a belief as being weak, of not being believable. What only matters is what the person who holds to a belief believes.

Short of delusion or extremes, belief can play an important role in developing a depth in ourselves. As long as we do not use it as a crutch to run from our fears, or use it as an excuse to not take action when needed.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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