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The Power of Closure


Two things that cause us great stress in our lives are indecision and uncertainty. One could be present without the other. Both generate stress because we do not know what will happen. We must wait for an outcome. Either self-generated until we finally make a decision or thrust upon us by needing to wait to learn what will happen outside of our control. Both indecision and uncertainty have fear woven into them that paralyzes us and creates many sleepless nights for us as we agonize over a possible outcome. While, of course, always thinking the worst.

Closure is the “final act” where things become clear. The outcome becomes known to us. No more worrying is needed. Our stress is replaced by either relief or disappointment (and many times both). Closure is the medicine we need to take during our days of stress but hesitate because we don’t understand its power. Its finality brings objective clarity to our indecision and/or uncertainty which takes time for us to process.

Our humanity is filled with emotion, ego, hope, faith, and dreams. The fragility of our health, relationships, or circumstance makes seeking closure very difficult. We fight closure to protect ourselves from disappointment or exposing us to the fragility of life we always run from. Our hesitance to seek closure is to allow us unconsciously to let our ego, hope, faith, and dreams continue to dance wild within us.

Only when you have experienced closure do you begin to see its serenity. It has the power to take the surrounding fog in our lives and replace it with clearer skies and calmer waters. Though closure does not, by itself, make tomorrow clearer or necessarily easier.

The power of closure is in taking away everything that kept us from seeing clearly in the first place. Taking us from thinking the worst to now what is. Quieting our hearts, mind, and soul. Giving us the chance we need to begin to contemplate a new path to explore. While revealing to us, in some small way, more of who we are & the mistakes we may have made. Helping us grow from what we just experienced. With time, giving us the energy to move on, persevere, and ultimately thrive once again.

My experience with closure, is that another door always opens for us to explore. Many times, one opens that we never considered. Making closure a blessing with time. Giving us a chance to reflect to see how far we have come. Re-awakening a part of our youth. The part that anxiously looks forward to the next chapter of our lives. With time, making us feel good once again, on a new path we now find ourselves on.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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