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The Power of Sequence: Unleashing Success Through a Step-by-Step Progression


In our daily lives, the importance of sequence often goes unnoticed. Just like a skilled DJ who captivates us with a perfectly orchestrated music lineup, or the precise steps we follow when baking a cake, sequences play a much larger role in our accomplishments than we realize. In our fast-paced world, impatience often distracts us from following a sequence which makes this even harder.

Consistently following a reliable sequence leads us to more reliable outcomes. However, we often overlook the power of sequence, opting for shortcuts or disregarding the essential steps that pave the way to success.

What is a sequence? Sequence, in essence, is a map of the next steps to reach a desired outcome. It empowers us to be more effective. Just like following a recipe guarantees a delectable cake, adhering to a well-defined sequence significantly enhances our chances of success.

Surprisingly, following a sequence can save us time. Not having to think through each situation as if it was new but embracing a sequence when something is similar to what we have done before.

Thinking about a sequence, by looking to add, subtract or rearrange steps can be a very creative process. It requires the groundwork of fascination, curiosity, and intensive exploration. When we discover a new sequence that leads to reliably improved outcomes it feels like magic and becomes so energizing. We should consider this form of creativity more often.

Within this exploration of a sequence, with our sights on improvement, we can look to identify skipped or missing elements that hinder reliable outcomes. We are quick to blame people and personalities when things fail. Focusing on making sequences explicit temporarily removes our frustration with individuals. Making a sequence stronger and more reliable can make these same individuals tasked to execute an improved sequence more effective as well.

Even the simplest outcomes in our lives are often governed by the degree of attention we dedicate to following the appropriate sequence. Nothing happens instantly in life. NOTHING. There are always steps to be taken or “dues to be paid”. The challenge each of us has in life is how do we discover the sequences that are needed to match our aspirations.?

This is where networking with people who have different experiences than we do helps. The main question here is “How do I…” or “How did you…” get to where you are now? Or, I would like to do this or that. How can I accomplish it? Not all of what you hear will fit, but little pieces here and there, woven together, will begin to reveal a path worth pursuing.

Sequences may not be inherently glamorous, yet their value and efficacy are unparalleled. Rather than allowing a sequence to remain invisible like the air we breathe, we should harness its potential as a guiding force by spending time understanding and making them explicit.

By recognizing the roles and significance of sequences and implementing them thoughtfully, we can unlock gateways to success in various facets of life that we never imagined were possible.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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