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The Problem with Complexity


… that it can take many forms.

Things can appear complex when we know little about the subject.

There are too many people that need to agree before we can move forward.

That whatever we try isn’t working because we are focusing on solving the wrong problem.

Our ideas are not aligned with the goals we seek to achieve.

Things take too much time to complete.

There are too many details that need to be attended to first before we can see progress.

We don’t have either the power or the authority to do what is needed.

There is no easy solution or answer to the problem.

The solutions we discover are not optimal and will please or disappoint

different people along the way.

There are many options to solving the issue at hand.

Being able to navigate complexity and thrive in it is where all of the hard work and value can be created. Most run from complexity, because it generally involves deep thought and no quick answers. This makes us uncomfortable.

Complexity gives us the opportunities for your best work and most fertile ground for you to evolve and grow as a person.  If only we didn’t get discouraged so easily along the way while running from it.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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