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The Problem with Flow


Flow is a concept that is used to describe when you are engaged in something so deeply nothing around you matters. You lose track of time as well as other things that need to get done.

Flow is hard to achieve. It takes a lot of concentration and actual immersion in the work you are trying to accomplish.

But it comes at a cost. It happened to me today. I was so focused on finishing a project that I have been working on that I almost forgot to write this blog. It has been 3 years and 4 months that I have published every Monday and Thursday faithfully and tonight I almost damaged my record.

When I write, I don’t get distracted easily. So writing, for me, brings with it its own flow. I find rest and relaxation when engaged in writing.

Tonight I was reminded that every strength has its potential weakness. No matter how conscientious we are, there is always a chance that we can mess up.

Life is this way more times than not. The best we can do is embrace our imperfection and the imperfections of others as we interact, with each other and our work, during each day of our lives.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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