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The Pursuit of Depth


Depth is hard nor obvious in our life’s journey. We are quick to want to move on. To start the next thing. To feel the rush of energy at the beginning of something new while dreading the 10th mile of a 15 mile marathon.

Depth’s value hides itself because it is comprised of a series of small steps in the same direction. Some of those steps work. Others don’t. Two steps back. Three steps forward.

Most things that work are consistent and boring on the 60th, or 180th day. That is when they begin to have the most value. The pursuit of depth is what gets us here.

A great example of this is the pursuit of weight loss. What we do on the 1st or 5th day are inconsequential. What we are still doing on the 180th day has great consequence.

As we prepare our New Year’s resolutions and goals, don’t forget to stick to the course on the things that matter to you the most. They tend to be the least glamorous and uneventful of everything you dream of doing.

Becoming comfortable with the pursuit of depth and its journey of small steps is a great sign that you are starting to mature and that your life will slowly gain traction moving forward.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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