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The Quality of Our Experiences Can Vary


Being part of something seems so real. Because we are there. We are part of it. That is what makes the experiences in our lives so memorable.

Like everything in life, experiences too can be uneven and vary as to their quality. Repeating experiences is a way to judge their quality. Some could be more helpful than others. The level of detail can be very different from one time to the next. Without comparison, we can have no perspective.

Sometimes, they even depend on who leads or is a part of the group. Whether for learning something new, working as part of a group to determine a course for the future, or traveling in a foreign country, the differences between experiences depend on who is with you at the time. The choices that are made and the things that we are directed to focus on.

The dilemma we are confronted with often is do you skim over an issue, problem, or topic or do you go deep into the details? The depth that may be required takes time and will slow you down.

Because of the fact that the quality of our experiences vary, it can be very helpful to go deeper to better understand a situation, problem, or issue. The first attempt may not be that good and we won’t even realize it because we have nothing to compare it to.

Our lives won’t afford us the time to do this for everything. But in matters that are important to us, it is helpful to remember that the quality of our experiences might vary greatly. What we learn from the first time we try, just might be from an experience that was weak or poor.

Enjoying the newness of an experience brings energy to our lives. Waking us up from the dull routines that we mindlessly follow most days. Yet remember, quickly saying “been there done that” may sound strong, but could be deceiving us without us even knowing it. Turning back to learn or experience more may be just what is needed to better prepare us to move forward.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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