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The Silence of Emotional Pain


Headaches, a bad back, or a cramp in a muscle are hard to hide. A hot shower, maybe aspirin, or a few days rest most likely will make things better. Physical pain is hard for any of us to hide. In most cases, pain of this type is of a short duration.

Emotional pain is much different. The hurt in our heart lasts so much longer. And goes far beyond the tears in our eyes. For tears are short lived as we tire easily.

Being hurt is not easy to endure. Sometimes it’s our ego. Other times our pride. Devastating when it’s our heart. Complicated when others don’t want to be accountable or present to fill their responsibilities. Harsh & sudden when it involves a loss.

The silence of emotional pain is huge. A place where no aspirin can cure. No words can soothe. Wounded as if our sail has a hole in it while trying to navigate the earth’s wind.

Emotional pain weakens even the strongest amongst us. It changes us without our even knowing. Our responses become different. Possibly short. Incomplete. Disinterested. Other times no answers are given while we protect ourselves within this silence. Twisting who we are. Creating a stranger within us that we no longer see.

We desparately look for explanations where none can be found. Answers are what we want when in deep emotional pain. Yet only sand and desert can be found. Barren of any logic or explanation.

Most can never see the emotional pain in others. The confusion, humiliation, loss, betrayal or hurt lingers. The only clue is that they become different. Interestingly, sometimes with no joy in their eyes. Other times with a blank stare devoid of any emotion.

Grudges, sadness, loss of friendship, or frustration are all symptoms of emotional pain. Very different than the pain of loss. Yet just as powerful. They go far deeper than the story we tell as to how we got here. Lingering far longer because we are human.

The silence of emotional pain requires our simple heart as the best way to help others. Sometimes with forgiveness. Most times simply with our presence. Never to judge but rather to listen. As the person in need simply needs to empty their soul into your quiet ears.

Love is patient and kind. It is the medicine that best treats all types of emotional pain. Especially that of loss. Stronger than empathy. More powerful than aspirin. For there is nothing more valuable than being there when others carry the burden of their silence of emotional pain with them. Not to cure but rather to soften the hurt in their heart as it slowly recovers with the blessing of time.

Melting away their emotional pain through human connection. Hard work but effective each time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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