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The struggle for balance


I have always struggled with balance. You see, all of our lives, we must struggle with balance.  The question for all of us is “How do we “put together” for ourselves our impulses, habits, responsibilities, expectations and dreams and then balance them against the choices we make while striving for the discipline and the clarity that is needed to bring personal growth, purpose, direction and meaning to our lives?”

Self help books make it sound easy. Personal change is much harder than I ever imagined and was more painful, intense, and fulfilling than any book that I have read.

This struggle for balance is one we all face yet only some of us ever recognize. And yes, it’s continual, over our entire lifetime. Amidst our struggles, we must not forget our everyday responsibilities and our presence that is needed in the many lives around us that we commit to as a family. Our relationship to God with our imperfect worship and selfish prayers to Him only expands our need to focus and reflect even further.

You see I have found life to be a tapestry made of so much uniqueness and richness that while exciting, interesting, and enriching sometimes hides the traps and the disappointments of our lives that all of us encounter on our journey. Some of our making. Some of our circumstance. Some simply because we were present.

There is too much noise in our lives to always know what is important. Too much time needs to pass (many times) before we can truly understand what we hear. There is too much certainty in our minds at times to see clearly. There sometimes is just too much pain in our hearts to try again.

How balanced or imbalanced are you at this moment?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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