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The Trap of Emotion


One constant companion in our life is our emotions. Sometimes overpowering while at other times subtly influencing everything we do. Both in positive or hurtful ways depending on the situation.

The trap of emotion occurs when we only see and believe what we think in the moment. Where emotion ties us up to the point we can no longer understand any other point of view or possibility. Leaving us weak and drained at a time that calls for more strength & balance. Strong emotions burst like fireworks only to dissipate over time.

When our emotions are positive, we tend to be overconfident, more careless, and to some extent carefree. When negative, we become a crucible filled with an intensity that knows no bounds, Sometimes surrounded by confusion. Most times surrounded by a certainty that is led by our ego telling us that only we can be right.

This trap of emotion causes us to abandon perspective or tolerance. We lose track of time’s ability to help us work through our situation by encouraging us to explode in the moment. Never considering our role in where we now find ourselves in. Clinging to a defense based on what’s fair & wanting retribution rather than considering what now should be done to move on.

No matter how level headed we are, we all get trapped by emotion at some point. Needing us to remember that we are so much more than who we are in this moment. Unlocking this trap by thoughtfully letting our emotions out so that with time – perspective, balance and logic can help us find ways to guide our next steps forward.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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