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The Tunnels & Bridges In Our Lives


Tunnels are dark. Once in them it is difficult to see what is around you until you get out at the other end.

Bridges are typically built to connect two sides together where there is no other obvious way of getting to the other side. Many times when we start to build a bridge we can clearly see the other side that we want to get to.

Life is full of both tunnels and bridges. Tunnels feel more like a journey where the outcome is not as obvious but where we will end up somewhere that’s different than where we are today.
We feel like we are not in control when in a tunnel. Nor are we sure exactly where we will end up.

Building bridges is intentional. We want to get somewhere different but need to take many steps to get there. Dreams and goals are the stuff where building new bridges becomes important.

Both tunnels and bridges play a big part in our lives. If we understand that we must trust the journey through the tunnel while accepting the fact that no one else will build a new bridge in our own lives for us they can signal the evolving growth in our lives that we yearn for.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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