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The Value in Disappointment


None of us like being disappointed. As an adult, disappointment lingers. We wanted something so badly and it didn’t occur. It happens to us a lot through our lives.

Disappointment’s value is not easily seen. How could it have value when we feel so sad?

Humility, self-awareness, & self-reflection are the silent attributes that people share as being both helpful and powerful. Yet they never have the presence on our life stage as compared to our ego, confidence, and drive. That is what makes disappointment so useful if we allow it to be. It should open our heart to the need and value to visit these silent attributes that never take center stage.

Disappointments are meant to remind us that we are not as powerful as we think. That we make mistakes. That we too could have missed something or that we don’t have the level of skill yet needed to accomplish or acquire something we desire.

Disappointment should remind us of our need to be humble, to become more self-aware, and to cultivate the habit of self-reflection. Disappointment should remind us that we too are vulnerable. That as much as we hurt at the time, others may hurt as well at a different time.

Disappointment should remind us of our humanity. It is a part of life that, to some degree, helps us course correct when we think we are invincible.

Embrace the richness that disappointment offers us. Not only should we say that something “wasn’t meant to be” but to also spend time on becoming stronger by focusing on humility, self-awareness and reflection while understanding that Superman or Wonder Woman only exist in a comic or a movie.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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