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The Value of Someone Being Honest With Us


We go through our days doing the best we can. But sometimes things happen. Distraction leads us down unintended paths. Our enthusiasm may blind us to our mistakes. Frustration is born of everything outside of ourselves. It’s only natural for us not to see ourselves clearly, for human nature always wants us to believe we are ok.

Then someone has the courage to confront us. To share what they see or feel with honesty. We rarely understand the words shared at first. For only negative emotions appear. We feel hurt and seek denial as our first reaction to protect ourselves. For honesty appears as an unexpected guest full of surprise.

Their words carry such certainty which leads to further our frustration. Becoming defiant is always our reaction. Why is it that others always see more than we can first see?

The challenge we face is whether we have the courage to stop and ask “could this person really be talking about me”? Struggling to push emotion aside to give reflection some time to explore within.

Honesty’s value reveals itself when we finally accept their words highlighting our need for some “course correction”. For we are on a path that will not get us to where we want to be.

Honesty’s value is always discovered from within. Long after the words have been spoken. For life is a long journey, never captured in a day. Looking back to move forward seems unatural. Giving reflection its hidden power especially when words of honesty appear.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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