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The Words You Choose Matter


If you are surprised, are you startled, confused, amazed, or excited?

When sad, are you hurt, depressed, guilty, full of despair, vulnerable, or lonely?

You say you are happy. Do you feel playful or content? Interested or proud? Accepted or powerful? Peaceful or trusting? Or are you simply optimistic?

When angry, do you feel let down or humiliated? Bitter or simply mad? Frustrated or distant? Or are you critical because you did not get your way?

What do you mean when you say you are fearful? Are you scared, anxious, or threatened? Do you feel weak or insecure? Or have you been rejected too many times to have any confidence?

You can play this type of word game over and over. Only to find that whatever word we focus on, there are deeper nuances and meaning that when stated bring meaningful context to a conversation, explanation, discussion, or debate.

For you see, first-hand, the words you choose matter. A mentor of mine always told me “be quick to think and slow to speak”. If you believe in Steven Covey’s admonition to “first understand, and then be understood” then most definitely choose your words thoughtfully with enough detail to both build out your thoughts as well as both your and others’ understanding along the way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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