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Thick Skin


Thick skin is a term we don’t use in common conversation. Its cousin, hard headed is much more prevalent. When we say someone is hard headed we imply that they don’t listen to what we think is best for them to do. They do what they want.

Having a thick skin is much more complicated. People who are described as having a thick skin also seem to do what they want. It’s not for a lack of listening. They listen a lot. They see both sides of an argument and recognize the merits of each.

They hold out judgment in deciding on points of view. They continue to listen to polarizing views although they provide little comfort to those who seem to be more passionate.

Their internal beacon is a larger objective. Trying to find a new solution that is different than the past by synthesizing polarized points of view into something logical and able to be executed.

Many of us are never put in a position that requires us to have a thick skin. Other who are faced with this option, fail because they take too many things said as being personal.

It’s both difficult and rare to become comfortable when everyone around you is uncomfortable and loudly sharing their feelings of insecurity with you. It’s not easy when you find yourself in this position. But necessary, when you believe in the objective you are trying to seek.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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