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My wife and I attended a play put on by an amateur theater group in our neighborhood. Well done, complete with a sixteen piece orchestra. Nearly three hours of energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

The actors faces were engaged. Their movements synchronized flawlessly. Their voices and songs filled the theater with a depth that was involving.

We know one of the people in this theater group. He is a customer of ours and has gone out of his way to excitedly tell us what weekend he was performing. How to get tickets. “Best play they have ever practiced to perform” he said while telling us we must see it.

He was proud of both his work and the group’s work. The story he told us was that he was putting in over 70 hours a week for the last few weeks between his day job and practicing for the performance. Neither did he look tired nor sounded tired.

So many things go right when we dive head first into things we truly enjoy. Through him, I experienced first hand the power of social media through conversation. His passionate description of what he was involved in “converted” us into attending.

His description of the professionalism and expression of the play through a script with songs and music was right on. You couldn’t see any flaws because of how glowingly he drew a picture for us of what we were about to see.

Doing things we like not only makes us happier but also makes us more effective. Things flow. We never get tired. Our thinking and our conversations are crisp, clear, and unambiguous. There is no hesitation on our part. And we are proud to share what we like with others.

Generosity begins with simple things. Sharing what you like with others is one way to become more generous with those around you.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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