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Think Twice Before Always Saying No


I heard someone the other day quickly say no. As I was driving home I questioned why would this person answer so quickly?

The reason I was puzzled was because a lot of things that I have learned after leaving school was through new experiences. Meeting new people, trying new foods, visiting different production plants, travelling to new cities, or trying a new type of spreadsheet to keep track of cash as examples.

My impression of no is that someone does not want to be bothered or is happy with their life or job or situation as it is at the time. It’s hard to learn more about yourself by always saying no. It’s hard to adjust, adapt, and evolve if you always say no.

I agree it’s easier to say no than yes. But what we forget is that yes can be so much more impactful in the long-run if only we would try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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