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Time out


Everyone needs a time out. Unlike a child where time out is a punishment, for an adult it is a reward. Sometimes it can be a vacation, other times a change of scenery during a business trip or even an evening doing something totally outside of our routine.

What we think about less is why do we need a time out?

Physical rest is good and important. But it’s the noise in our lives that demands that we make time for our time outs.

During the rush of our everyday life, so many things scream for our attention. Rushed to get so many different things done, we never quite hear the whispers from our heart. Or the confusion that we need to resolve inside of us to move forward.

The greatest value in our time out is the silence we can now hear around us by not being around what we do everyday. A chance for our minds to wander. To see more clearly things and how they fit or do not fit together. Hearing the questions of our soul that get trampled on by the noise of our lives.

Run towards a time out quickly. It will be time well spent in order to move forward.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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