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Time and Entropy


Entropy is a scientific term to describe the dissipation of order and energy in any physical system. Going from order to disorder naturally. It happens to all of us in our lives.

A simple example to describe entropy is when we clean our room or office what happens? More things slowly are left here or there and then guess what? There now is a mess without us even trying needing us to clean it all over again to put things in order. You see, entropy occurs everywhere naturally with time.

What about our lives? Can they become disordered?

Why of course. Just think about our distractions, crises, responsibilities, and interests. All smashed together in our short days. We live in entropy. Spending a lot of our wishful thinking on becoming more organized and productive with little time to build structure and repeatability into our lives.

What brings order to our lives? The discipline of regular follow through. Pursuing daily consistency and routines. The setting of goals, making our lives more intentional. Pursuing regular follow-up and follow-through are possibly other ways to bring order to our lives. To-do lists, calendars, and software are digital ways to help bring order.

Sometimes outside influences like responsibilities and accountability will do the same thing for us even though most times we view them as interruptions or obstacles to us getting other things done when needed.

One of the traps that disorganization or entropy brings to our lives, comes about by putting our faith in time. That time will help us find our way. That sometime in the future (a component of time) will make everything more organized so that things make sense. The critical mistake in difficult, confusing, and disorganized times is believing that with only time things will get better.

Time is entropy’s best friend. Not ours. Not only our rooms but our lives need our vigilance, intention, and oversight. Just like a garden, we need to continually weed and prune things from our life in order for helpful things of value to break through. Sometimes it starts with saying no to new things more often. Leaving fewer things to reveal themselves by gaining more of our attention as they give us more solid footing to continue to build our lives on.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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