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Time Spent As A Metric


It’s interesting to listen to podcasts where individuals share their journey as to how they built their company. They have a degree of clarity where they are able to share the building blocks necessary for growth. Most times in mathematical form, sharing how they built A, B, & C for example. With the relationship described as sometimes A + B + C or A * B + C. You get the idea.

Our lives don’t seem to lend themselves to this type of thinking. It is more common for us to lunge into something rather than trying to discover the components or building blocks we need to have in place to realize the outcome we describe as being so certain.

I find one metric to be unavoidable to ignore in our lives – time spent. It is a building block that carries with it great leverage with respect to the outcomes we achieve. Nothing about time spent is new. Nor is it very sexy when including in our stories.

Time spent is the minimum price we have to pay for many things: mastery, understanding, knowledge, clarity, relationship building, skill building, or problem solving – as well as bringing ideas and opportunities to life. It goes against anything instant. Never ensuring success but necessary in so many aspects of our life to gain traction.

There are no minimums or maximums when it comes to time spent. It helps bring credibility to our words. For “walking the walk” always involves immersion. Immersion that can only be learned through time spent.

We worry too much about distraction and to do lists. Always focused on saving time by organization or through convenience. Saving time is fools gold. Time spent is what we should measure & concentrate on if we are serious about achieving our desired outcomes.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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