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Timeless Classic: 12 Notes

[First appeared in March 2013]

I love music. I took piano lessons in grammar school. I can’t play a song. But I do like to sit in front of a keyboard and play chords. I still remember my piano scales.

If you ever take a close look at a piano or took lessons you learn that there are 7 keys starting with C,D,E,F,G,A,B that repeat. These are the white keys. There are 5 black keys as well. So there are a total of 12 possible notes between them. They get repeated over and over again with either a higher pitch or lower pitch depending on where they are on a piano. (Left is lower & right is higher on a piano. And yes there is a middle C.)

12 possible notes. Everyone around the world uses these same 12 possible notes for their music. Some higher pitched. Some lower or some combination of both. (Even churches, rap groups, and marching bands.) What is fascinating about the 12 notes is that there can be such a variety of music. Each with their own coherence, melody, and rhythm.

You see music is not much different than our lives. We too are pretty much alike. Each one of us carries these same 12 notes inside of us just like a piano. Where we struggle is trying to find a combination of notes and choices that will bring coherent melody into our lives.

Music gives us hope that our lives don’t need to be the same

to have coherence, melody, and rhythm.

We simply need to find the artist within us to help put our 12 notes together in a way that brings us joy and expression every day of our lives.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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