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Most of us wear watches. Our youth have their phones to tell time. We have deadlines, appointments, timelines, and birthdays. Whether it’s a cake in the oven or meat on the grill we are always conscious of time.

Is it only a dream to think that we can experience timelessness? There have been times in my life where a conversation, book or working on a project felt like time had passed quickly. Time generously suspends its record keeping to give us an opportunity to freely enjoy our immersion in stuff at that moment. Books talk about this feeling as having flow in your life.

Laughter is another one of those fleeting moments that suspends time. It feels so good. It feels so deep and real when it is present.

Flow and laughter for most of us come and go in our lives and their presence is always fleeting. Friendship is the only thing I can think of that I have experienced first hand where timelessness lives and thrives. Good friendship wears no watch. Good friendship never tires.

Good friendship is more like a DVR where time may pass but our feelings, our excitement, and our acceptance of each other NEVER changes. We “pick up where we left off” the next time we see each other. It always seems like a good friend has been with us forever.

There is a consistency and stability to good friendships that we crave in our lives yet sometimes fail to appreciate it when we are in them. There is a connection and a bond that never weakens. There is a spark of energy that makes us one every time we’re together.

Good friends make us laugh. They help us share. They let us cry. They ask…. never expecting the “right” answer. Good friends give us rest. They always make us feel safe. Good friends even understand when we are silent.

It’s true. Sometimes we may “take” a little more and at other times we may “give” a little more. That’s ok. Time separates us making our encounters less frequent yet good friendship always makes time irrelevant.

Stop and smile to think of all of your good friends. Look at your watch and laugh at how meaningless time can be at times. Give thanks to the good friends you have and those you have yet to meet. Life’s journey is always best lived with good friends by your side.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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