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To Be Human


To be human was never meant to be guided by our smartphone. The content of our lives, mistakenly inverted, making our schedules & our projects the most important things today.

It’s always in the crevices of our life where we find laughter, joy, tears, struggle, disappointment, worries, and fears amidst our pain.

To be human requires connection. A warm hug or gentle smile. Patience, compassion, presence, and empathy demand our attention when life gets in the way.

To be human opens us up to the world of imperfections, mistakes and misconceptions. Seeing others but not ourselves, is a problem for each us in a major way.

To be human demands our hearts move past our brain, giving hope through our eyes & ears. to others who are in need. Each of us hurts in our own way. For we both are in need.

To be human is a joy that we take for granted. It’s a gift to be shared. Giving us the opportunity to be free from what bothers us, by simply being there for others, so that both of us can see.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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