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To Be Part of Something


With the Super Bowl just ending, it gives us a great time to reflect on how important it is for each of us to be part of something. Yesterday, we proudly wore our team logos at the Super Bowl party we attended. Cheering for our favorite team is another way we show we want to be part of something.

We post to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest so that others could see and be part of our experiences. We then look and search on these very same platforms to see what our friends and family are involved with, making us part of something from afar.

Shopping for clothes or shoes makes us look in the store window to buy what is most popular. What others are wearing is important to us because again we want to be part of something.

At work, going out for a drink or working late hours in the office with others becomes easier for the same reason. We want to be part of our group. We want to be part of something.

With so many things in life at a macro level, its easy to be part of something from afar. Where little effort is needed. When looking on your phone for updates from social media feeds the beast inside of you who wants to be connected.

All of this is so powerful that it becomes harder and harder to step back, away from the crowd, to listen to your heart to understand what it is saying. Being part of something is so powerful and basic of a human need that it is really hard for us to choose something different. To not go with the crowd but to take a different road that will lead you on your own journey.

You can always be part of something even after you have failed. Understanding how powerful this need is to be part of something should give us the strength to try something different that has been hidden in our hearts amidst the noise of the crowds we so desperately want to be part of.

It’s the only way we can grow and evolve into the individual we always wanted to be.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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