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To Give Thanks


We do not live our lives apart from others. Be it family, co-workers, or friends. In our fast paced world, filled with opinions, points of view and beliefs, there is no more simpler & uncluttered phrase than “to give thanks”.

For it never asks for anything in return. Acknowledging someone else’s presence, efforts, and patience without bringing any attention to ourselves. Giving us a chance to step off our stage while shining the lights on others.

Sadly, we don’t do this often enough.

Both for what we have and for those persons in our lives who bring us love, energy, patience and understanding.

To give thanks needs more than a one day holiday. It requires us to reset our minds and hearts to give thanks every day for the good things we have in our lives.

Whether our lives are filled with little or much, struggle or calm, frustration or stress. Remembering we are all the same.

Needing the encouragement of those around us to continue our life’s journey amidst our own struggles.

[Thanks to all of you for reading what I write. My hope is that it makes you think more deeply about the many aspects of life we sometimes miss because we’re busy.]
Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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