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When was the last time you felt trapped? Where everything was against you? Whatever you try doesn’t seem to work? Throughout your life, you will re-visit this feeling on multiple occasions. Especially when you try to grow, evolve, and accomplish things that are not a part of your life today.

Continued frustration, disappointment, or bad endings are all signs that you are trapped.

Age doesn’t discriminate. I have seen teenagers be trapped. People my age be trapped. Sometimes by who they are. Both begin with understanding that doing once more, what you just did, will not get you anywhere different. You need to do something different to get out.

To have a better chance of succeeding when you try something different, you need to be learning something new. There can be no change in your life if you don’t learn something new. When you do, then trying something different will feel a little less uncomfortable. Read a book, talk to different people, or simply clean your desk or room if you never regularly do this.

A skill that we do not learn in school but is critical to learning something new is to actively listen. Put your ego in a closet and lock the door when you listen. Try to accept what others tell you instead of defending who you are. No one person is always right. We can learn something from many people throughout our day.

When trapped, the plan is simple. To get out. You must do something different than what you have done and to do this you must learn new things to begin to understand different paths for getting out of the trap you’re in.

Easily said but hard to do. But definitely not impossible if you are willing to try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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