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Trust is much like the air we breathe. Invisible to the eye. Vital for us to live. Without air, there would be no dreams, no accomplishments, no solutions, no family. We simply would not exist for we would be dead.

Trust mirrors the value of air almost identically. Without trust, there would be no accomplishments, few solutions, no family, no love, and no connection. While not causing physical death, the inability to trust greatly hinders our potential to be human.

Trust’s physical appearance is the same as the air we breathe. Invisible. Trust has no physical appearance at all. It’s presence is always felt when it is absent but many times overlooked when present.

We feel hurt when we are not trusted. Yet, more times than not, we do not hurt when we do not trust.

Our lives need connection with others to feel fulfilled as well as to accomplish. Some people naturally have the ability to trust in order to love more fully and accomplish much more. Others do not easily trust. I find them to be more reserved and a little bit scared of reaching out to engage life more fully.

Developing trust takes time. It doesn’t occur in the first handshake and rarely grows with our words. Trust waits to see our actions so that it knows that we are safe in building a relationship with each other. Trust builds over time. It allows us to first build strong connections that allow our talents over time to accomplish so much more.

Trust is the foundation of love that has no boundaries. Yet rarely noticed when that same love is felt.

Relationships thrive on trust. Relationships die when trust abandons them.

Trust protects us when we stumble and rarely judges who we are. We are not always perfect yet when we have trust between each other, our imperfections seem so trivial.

Not trusting protects us. Sometimes with reason. Many times we hold back our trust without exploring and giving the other person a chance.

Trust opens up our hearts to listen to others. Not having trust makes us deaf to the words of advice offered when needed.

Losing trust becomes a sharp sword in our hearts that divides and destroys anything that we may have built before this point in time.

When trust is broken, the glass becomes shattered. Losing much amidst the pieces of glass we are forced to gather. We alone possess the power to either shatter trust or water it and value it as the life force it truly is.

Choose wisely with every person you meet ,for to trust or to not trust, both are very powerful. The level of trust you ultimately choose will in many ways greatly influence the life you will continue to lead.

PS: This is my 100th post! Hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have. Thanks for continuing to read the little things I have been thinking about and find fascinating.


Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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