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We all use this phrase. A popular phrase when suggesting something new or different. It could refer to a new food, a different cuisine, a different way to work, or doing something we have never done before. Most times it’s when someone is stuck or faces a problem that they can’t seem to solve. Or it could be simply an suggestion for fun!

Our description (of what to try) to the other person seems so complete. It fits so well within what they are struggling with. It’s obvious to us that what we are suggesting that they try will be so beneficial. Only a few minutes pass when describing what we want they to try.

Yet weeks pass and there is no hint of the other person trying what we suggested. We thought it wouldn’t be hard for them to do. What we suggested seemed so easy.

So many times we suggest things as possible solutions to others. They clearly hear what we are saying. What isn’t obvious to us is that many times they don’t understand what we have shared or suggested.

[This is a big point. Please re-read the last sentence in the previous paragraph.]

Why don’t they understand? Most likely they don’t see how what we have suggested fits in the context of where they find themselves. Or they don’t have enough knowledge about what you are suggesting so all they feel is fear. Or they feel their situation is too unique for anything to work.

Or, they might simply think that what you suggested is weird or strange. They never have thought in those terms, or lived around people who did what you are suggesting,

You see, when you say try it, you are asking someone to be uncomfortable. That is a tall task. No one wants to be uncomfortable. That is why we cling to our daily routine and always go to the same stores. That is why we rarely move or change jobs when we really should.

The next time you say “try this” remember that the other person will not clearly understand why. And that they are afraid by what you suggested. Nor do they understand of why it is important to “try this”.

Don’t get mad. Just understand that you will have to explain this a few times more.

And when you are told “try it”, embrace the fear that you first feel to help you then break out of your routine to understand that there is more to life that is helpful and exciting once we understand that we feared things we shouldn’t have when told “try it”.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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